Strolling’ strollin’ strollin’

This weekend is Christmas Stroll on Nantucket – one of our very fave weekends ever on my happy place and home of “my person”.


Long before ridiculous plaid suits and ugly sweaters were at the ready – people were getting decked at Stroll, for one sole purpose, and one purpose only. To celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, Christ our Lord. To get completely hammered.

Ahhhh, I look back on those weekends fondly.  Even when I was barfing in my purse at BoHo . . .aaaand perhaps in a Christmas tree on Main Street . . .  I digress . . .


For years we participated in the brunch of all brunches. A complete boondoggle hosted by my cousin and his partner in crime.

You want to dress festive but comfy for this occasion – Wildfox is my go-to for cheeky holiday attire.

 {pants HoodieSweatshirt for my Jewish friendsMerry top}

Eventually the best “brunch” ever wasn’t enough for Ty and he had to outdo himself by getting MARRIED. on island.  during Stroll.

It was not at all fun or fabulous or gorgeous or meaningful.  And if you believe that, I’ll tell you about how heinous the bride looked.


so you get the idea.  the wedding was the balls.  {When I recover from our PTSD how we couldn’t actually get off island that weekend, I’ll tell you another story}

Point being it’s an all around amazing weekend on Nantucket.

and it just. got. better.


The ACK pop up shop is back open this weekend.  Strollers please stop by at 1 Old South Wharf.  Not far at all from the action.  I sadly won’t be there this year but I have a fantastic excuse.  And it involves the big apple and my besties.

BUT if I were going to Stroll I might wear my old standby – my Sorry for Partying T.  Which is so fun paired with just about anything!


Sequin Camo Joggers, Tulle Skirt, Plaid skirt, Gold Skirt {Long rocked this look last year!}, Leather leggings are always a good idea, green Leather skirt, embellished tulle skirt, red skirt

If you want to bring it to the next level check out Oppo Suits.  I prefer vintage seen here on  seasoned stroller,the pharmacist, but they will do in a pinch.

Wherever you are strolling this weekend – Have fun, be safe, and never ever be sorry for partying.

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