Cece Me, C vous plait

SO – as I may have mentioned in the past, I am somewhat obsessed with branding.  And there is a certain gal that has absolutely crushed it with her brand, in every aspect.


Her name: Marion Greeley

Her brand : Cece DuPraz


Her craftsmanship is phenomenal, unique and downright lovely.  She has not skimped on anything.  Down to the kelly green edging on her foil-pressed biz cards.  (Nailed it!)  So in awe of all that she’s accomplished – including ahem, a certain feature in House Beautiful this month!  So well-deserved.


She took an old-fashioned and somewhat overdone concept (#sorrynotsorry) and made it her own – modernized & awesome – no easy task.  I feel beyond lucky to have her fabulosity at my fingertips as we live in the same town and have had some big fun with creative collabs.  But I admit I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized today was the cut off date for her personalized goodness and these are the BEST gifts to gift everyone {well, everyone you give a rat’s ass about}.


Okay, I’m babbling.  Just check out the goods for yourself!  Something for literally everyone on your list.

even the littlest!


oh and ummmm, speaking of that!


could not love this giving back concept more!

which reminds me of this one time I asked for her help with a baby gift and she texted me this asking if it was okay.


ummm, yeah, I think that will be fine.


So obsessed with this leopard tray that I had to have it (see below) and the signature cocktail linens aren’t too shabby either!



honestly, this doesn’t even begin to showcase her work but I mean it would literally take me all day to tell you about every amazing offering – just head over there and CeCe for yourself {CeCe what I did there?}

oh, one last thing. my absolute FAVE gift idea evah, is one of CeCe’s gorgeous pouches (offered in a variety of patterns/colors, and perfect price point of 45-55 dollars)

I OBVIOUSLY stuff them chockfull of Beautycounter goodness and it’s the



a match made in heavs.

oh and just for fun here’s a sneak peek of some CeCe goodies in our master.

{images by the amazing White Loft Studio}

Can you stand it?  My Dana Gibson Leopard tray is so happs smothered in BC . . .

I told you this is one talented biatch!

Okay, stop wasting your time reading . . .

get some shopping done





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