frenchie love

I was going to try and make this cute & funny but the truth is, my heart hurts this year thinking about our 1st Christmas in 10 years without our beloved Miss LooLoo (#bitchisstunning) – so giant *fail* on that one.

I’m actually typing through tears because I just watched this goddamned video I made a couple months ago.  I triple dog dare you to watch it without doing the same. (pun intended)

(click image to begin slideshow and volume essential)



Bitch. was. stunning.

Okay, now on to the cute funny stuff – shiz, is it too late?  Did you already abandon ship?

I swear I still got it.  There’s the best worst dog ever snoring next to me to prove it.


Here’s the low-down on what to gift frenchie obsessed friends {ahem, me} this year.

frenchie1.earrings 2. salt & pepper shakers 3. washi tape 4. pardon my frenchie canvas 5. tape dispenser 6. coasters 7. personalized ornaments (oprah’s fave!  who cares about Oprah actually they are one of Long’s pics, too!) 8. mug 9. tote 10. cuff 11. rolling pin. yep, you heard me it’s a french bulldog rolling pin. 12. lamp 13. framed artwork 14. super-soft T

and anthro always comes through with some gems.

like this purty phone case (I’ll also take the iPhone 7, just so you know, the case fits)


& this mug  . . .


that looks strikingly like a baby jorge.


I can’t even.

and if I don’t get at least 3 of these cheese boards I’m going to be shocked and somewhat angry.


and I want this bed “for george” (wink, wink)img

okay but forreals what I want more than 800 cutting boards, mugs, and lucite dog furniture, is another day with our Loo but since that’s not possible . . .


this will have to do. #horsefaceispissed

and look out Rosie, bitch is going to need a friend, and horseface and is going to need a “I said no puppies” support group.


c’mon, Long, you know you want one!


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