10 things that Long is thankful for

(Not necessarily in this order)

  1.  That I won’t wake up tomorrow totally hung over after a late night at Buckram’s …where I was probably one of the last to leave.
    dsc01133…and I almost definitely made an ass of myself in front a bunch of people from high school.  And college.  And several ex boyfriends. (not linking that one. You’re welcome, fellas.)  Sooooo thankful.
  2. Loomis (duh!) and all of the amazing women I have met through my gig at Beautycounter.  I have been quoted in some official collateral, so you know it’s 100% true.  These women are my tribe.  Could not love them more!


  3. The many life hacks that make pulling off this work -from-home-mom gig possible (or maybe I’m just lazy?):  Fresh Direct, Daily Harvest, Splendid Spoon, Amazon Prime, Zappos, Waze, Garden City Wine (should this be the first one?)
  4. My cousin Jennie. I don’t have a sister, but my first cousin is as close as they come.  She’s my rock.  She’s my person.  She saves my ass on a regular basis.  I have never known life without her, and I never want to.11163262_10205991885129695_2535596394763405280_o
  5. Beautycounter Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen.  It’s a magic eraser for your face. If you are 40+ and you don’t have one, you need to get going on that. Like, now.
  6. Voxer.  It’s a walkie talkie app for your phone. It’s also a best friend for someone who hates actual real live phone conversations.  Fun fact: this blog was developed with only one phone call (when I pitched Loomis).  After that, 100% of this blog was created via Voxer and text.  Technology, people!
  7. Rosie.  I heart that little devil dog. (oh yes, you too, Ellie.  Just hang on.)
  8. Our daughters.  The ladies of Loomis & Long had a Voxer chat yesterday (see above), and all I could think is that these girls are going to rule the world someday.  And I can’t wait to watch it happen.
  9. “A pair of jeans that fit just right.” I could literally live in these.  I could sleep in them.   And they are a hip, current cut. Thankful for you, Social Threads!
  10. Cheese.  Yes, cheese.  For a vegan who is slowly inching her way back to vegetarian life, cheese is really, really fabulous.  Please enjoy some cheese porn with me.

What are you thankful for? From big things to small, take today and tomorrow to realize how blessed you truly are. xoxo



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