10 things Loomis is thankful for

pretty much the 10 things Annie listed so if you read hers, you can skip mine.

Also, in no particular order. (yeah, right)

1. George. “my heartbeat at my feet” This naughty beast provides comfort like no other.  He gets me.

2. TV. I seriously heart TV.  Perfect distraction from ‘real world’ shenanigans.

3. Marblehead.  Love calling this town home. (all images via Wednesdays in Marblehead)

4. My gal friends. Obvs.  Especially a certain one that has been working diligently on my Christmas card this week!

5. BC and all the fabulous bitches that come with.  I’m just going to put all the products and peeps under one umbrella or they would take up my 10 and more.  But special shout out to Long for initiating the Loomis & Long partnership and making me laugh daily, and the cleansing balm for everything.

6. Horseface.


7. My bed. Logged a lot of hours here this year.

image by white loft studio

8. Nicknames.  They make me laugh. (see #6)

9. Mi familia.

10. This one is a 3-way tie between emojis, Marcos the painter and Advil Cold & Sinus.screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-54-51-am

listen, this has been a tough year (the toughest yet), and there is still SO very much to be grateful for . . . amIright?!

happy thanksgiving to you and yours.




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