What Long’s bringing to Thanksgiving


What to bring for the food PIA?  (I can say it because I am one)  You know that pesky Vegan, Paleo hostess.  Mouth‘s amazing indie food baskets have got you covered.

For the Gluten Free Goddess


For the Very Amazing Vegan


For that Paleo Person


I know, I know.  Scented candles can be as toxic as diesel fuel fumes.  But, sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind.  Nest candles are my all time fave.  The Pumpkin Chai is out of this world.


Their Holiday candle has your house smelling like the North Pole in mere seconds.


Treat your hostess (or yourself) to the 3-wick version. I promise it is worth it.

Make every day a celebration by brining a bottle of bubbles. Veuve is my personal fave.  P.S. This is my new favorite song.

Local edition for my Long Island peeps

Young’s Farm is the North Shore’s best kept secret.


Don’t miss their pies and local produce.

I promise it is worth the trip to Brookville.

Plain and simple: the Front Street Bakery is the best bakery on Long Island.  I don’t want to hear about your Malverne Bakery or Cardinali.  #TeamFrontStreet all the way.


Kids of all ages love their Dot Cookies and their crumb cake is not to be beat.


Most importantly, don’t forget the wine.


I like to shop local and support Garden City Wines & Spirits.  Their prices are competitive, and if you call in your order, they will deliver right to your door.  My fave vino these days is Acrobat Pinot Gris, nicely priced around $13.  Cheers!


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