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Long: It all started with Project Greenlight. Yes, I was an early adaptor to reality TV, along with my college roomie and original life partner, Mo. In the early ’90’s, every Sunday night, we would hunker down in our Upper East Side bachelorette pad and tune into Project Greenlight on HBO. This was before Netflix, binge watching and the DVR, so we actually had to watch the show in real time.  Yes, we did!  Project Greenlight chronicled amateur filmmakers who were being given the chance to direct a feature film. Such sophisticated cinephiles were we? Not exactly.  We were totally in it for Matt and Ben.


The show also featured their buddy, Chris Moore. We let Chris join us on our Sunday night double dates with Matt and Ben, even if he was a little bit of a third wheel. Blinded by the fact that CM wasn’t quite boy band adorable, we didn’t really appreciate that CM  was quite accomplished in his own right.  A Harvard grad, Chris produced some little movies you may have heard of like Good Will Hunting and American Pie.  But, Chris grew on us, we began to enjoy him and he slowly became one of our faves.  In real life, he actually might have been Mo’s type.

Flash forward 25 years, literally.  The East 75th Street bachelorette pad is far in the rearview mirror.  I am a grown woman with four children, one very bad dog and a career. I’m attending a Beautycounter conference in Atlanta.  After an long day of meetings and a lush dinner, a few of us eager beavers decided to finish it out with a nightcap at the bar.  (Shocking to find me there, I know.)  I’m getting ready to pack it in, when who do I see standing in the middle of the hotel lobby, but CM himself!  I went into fan girl deluxe mode.  I couldn’t help but gush.  Well, maybe it was more like borderline assault.  I swear it wasn’t just the Stella Artois talking.  But, if he had had security detail, they definitely would have peeled me away.


It turns out, as this beautiful universe works, CM was there because he was doing documentary work chronicling the (amazing, if I do say so myself) Beautycounter story.  He was going to be behind the scenes at Beautycounter for about a year going forward.  And, at that moment, I’m pretty sure he went back to his hotel room and filed a restraining order.

The next time I saw CM was a few months later when he was filming our life changing trip to Washington D.C.  I kept my distance.  I let some other ladies have their time.  I’m a girl’s girl like that.  But, to be honest, it was also concerning to me that the FBI and other national security forces were in such close proximity.  Getting near CM could be a risky endeavor.


I would say we had our real reunion in October at the Beautycounter Bacara Beach bash.  I greeted Chris timidly. He didn’t seem to be disturbed. I promised to be normal.  Over some Firestone 805’s, we finally got properly caught up.


CM and I talked about the L.A. scene, how he got compressed as a Beautycounter consultant (true story!), tennis (CM has mad skills), and more. I would like to think by the end of the night he called off the restraining order.

And then.  Well.  There’s this.


Loomis: Ah, yes, enter stalker #2.  My history doesn’t run as deep as Long’s but I did bond with Chris in Atlanta over some toxic fireball shots.  So sober in this pic.  Have we mentioned how super lame our jobs are lately?


Chris spoke at our summit meeting the next day and I loved what he had to say about Beautycounter.

“The power of telling a story is authenticity. And you guys have it by the bucket loads.”

I also attempted to be normal in DC, but needed some consolation after having a panic attack when Chris’s crew filmed me speaking for a hot second.  Sidebar: Loomis not destined for the big screen.img_5644

Our reunion at Bacara went something like this-

Loomis: ‘Hey, Can I have Coach Taylor’s number?’

CM: ‘I told you before, Kyle is happily married.’


Which brings us to Chris’s latest, Manchester by The Sea,  already labeled a ‘masterpiece’, and is opening to bananas reviews today.


Manchester by the Sea {ahem, two towns over – that wacky universe at work again} is legit swarming with Oscar buzz.  We are talking 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and like 1000 stars everywhere.  I can barely make it through the trailer without losing my shiz.  Run don’t walk to view this awesomeness.

Congrats to Chris Moore and the entire Manchester By the Sea team.

Can I please have Coach T’s number now?


is that a ‘no’?


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