Hotel Esencia

Can you believe that this tequila sipping, beach loving, chips and guac eating girl has never been to Mexico? It started out that when I was a worker bee in Manhattan. I had limited vacation days and even more limited funds. A quick trip to the Caribbean or Florida was way easier to pull off. Then I got old and had kids. I got all freaked out about the water, and the food, and spending the whole vacation in the bathroom. Ridiculous, I know, but not really when you travel with 4 small, yet opinionated kids.

So, my dream trip would be to Mexico. Any not just anywhere in Mexico. If you have waited this long, you might as well go right to the top: Hotel Esencia. It’s located near Tulum on the Riviera Maya. The hotel was originally a private residence for an Italian duchess, so it’s good enough for me. There are only 29 rooms so it has the cozy feel of staying at a private home.


The beach, well…I’ll let this do the talking.


Food and drink are key for me. Hotel Esencia’s restaurants serve simple and sophisticated food, either from the hotel’s own garden or sourced locally. There is also a juice bar: yumm-o!


Last, but not least, there is an organic spa where “therapists tailor bespoke, restorative programs.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m in.


Too soon to start planning my 50th birthday getaway?

hotel-esencia-tanveer-badal-photo-21r-944x625img_1684-4r-944x625img_1697-4r-944x625hotel-esencia-tanveer-badal-hires-59r-944x625hotel-esencia-tanveer-badal-hires-116r-944x625Looks like I’m not the only one crushing on HE.


P.S. I have also never been to Las Vegas. True fact. I heard a rumor that Vegas might be the location for the Loomis & Long 2017 team building workshop? Sarah, you in?

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