Gifts for Long



anniegiftsThe first thing that comes to mind when I think of Annie is BEACH. This Milly towel will be the perfect addition to her cabana collection.

The candle pretty much sums up our relationship.

Long needs to up her selfie game with this Lumee illuminated iphone case.

Long loves to write shiz down, the Master Plan journal would be worthy of her brilliant blog brainstorming.

Long loves her tennis and the “occasional” cocktail that follows.  No doubt these puntastic embroidered cocktail napkins would be put to good use.

Long showed me up big time by wearing heels in our profesh Loomis & Long pic.  I’d love to gift her some flats to prevent that from happening again, but I know they would have to be extra fantastic like these gala glitter mules for her to consider stooping down to my level.

Ray for president.  Obvs.

She really is the Boss.  Her french Vanilla dunks would look good in this bad boy.

Oh, and she’s going to need this  Xanax brass pill box by her bedside table for every time her Creative Director requests an extension.

Worship this mama signet ring, because above all else, Ms. ALS is one awesome mama.

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