Unplug Meditation

Whenever I travel, I always like to try a new workout that I wouldn’t normally do at home (Loomis, on the other hand, prefers sleeping in and ordering room service)
On a recent trip to LA, I did a workout for my mind. I have been dying to try Unplug Meditation since I read about it last year. I was intrigued about Suze Yaolf Schwartz’s migration to LA and how a former fashion editor made the transition to becoming a Spiritual CEO. {Vogue and The New York Times are equally fascinated with Ms. Schwartz’s journey.}suze

The entire experience at Unplug was lovely from start to finish. The studio has a clean, modern aesthetic and the staff is warm and welcoming. There is a super cute retail space in the waiting area with so many really fun items.


As you wait outside to enter the class, your shoes come off and your cellphone goes away (yay!). I took the Unplug 30 class. I loved the class description. It was perfect for me “We’re always doing, doing, doing. Now it’s time to be. Be guided into the present moment through breath and body awareness. This class is 30 Minutes but gets you in the zone and may leave you feeling calm and centered.” When you enter the classroom, it is a beautiful, white, zen, calming space. You take out these little folding chairs, sit back and relax.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-9-09-24-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-9-09-41-pmYou can take a beanbag type blanket and put it over your legs, and some people brought their own blankets. Danielle, our teacher, spoke and gave a really inspiring life lesson. She then guided us through breath and body awareness. The class was over in a snap, and when it was over, I definitely felt more chilled out than I have been in a long time. Think Don Draper in the season finale of Mad Men.

And, good news, Unplug Meditation is now online! I wish I could fly to L.A. for my daily dose of calm, but now I can get it from my laptop or iphone. I have tried other meditation apps (Loomis, rolling eyes), like Headspace, but it was never really the right fit. I just felt at home at Unplug, and now I can “unplug” anywhere. You can choose your meditation by topic (Find Your Purpose, Delete Stress, Improve Focus — Loomis!), by time (15 minutes, 10 minutes) or by teacher (try my faves Danielle, Suze, or Heather). I found it worked really well when I scheduled the meditation into my calendar like an appointment. If the day allows, I shoot for around 2:00, right before my kids get home. It gets me in the right, chill state of mind before the after-school mania begins. I have also tried it right before bed, which is lovely too.
If you want to try the online classes, there is a free 3 day trial, and then it is $23 a month, which I consider to be a bargain for a little bit of calm. Classes at the studio are $24 each. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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