Pop Princess Loomis

I may or not be obsessed with all things pop culture.

You will be hearing lots from moi on this topic, as this is one that Long and I have very much in common, unlike, sayyyyy . . . nutrition.

I love a good book, always hardcover . . . I am not the speediest reader and I tend to get book hangovers.  {I stay up way too late flipping pages}

Here are a few that kept me up into the wee hours many a night.


The Art of Racing in the Rain is quite possibly my favorite book, poignantly written from a dog’s perspective.  I read it before I suffered the recent loss of my french bulldog, sweet Miss LooLoo, and I’m considering reading it again, accompanied by a very large box of tissues, and George, of course.

What Remains sits on my bedside table.  Ironically, it was a Christmas gift from my late sister many years ago.  You’ll quickly learn about me that I am desperate to find and hold onto connections in this crazy world.  Fun fact: Carole Radziwell’s mom worked with my mother decades ago and I asked if I could borrow her wedding dress – she said ‘yes!’  I was twenty at the time and obviously lost track of this request by the time our nuptials rolled around. Fun fact #2: I also smooched JFK, Jr. at my college graduation, a month before his tragic death.  Which brings me back to the book.  It’s Carole’s touching memoir about the loss of her best friends {Carolyn & John-John} and husband {Prince Anthony Radziwell} within 3 weeks of one another.  Not quite sure what she’s doing on RHONY these days but let’s give her a free pass to do whatever the hell she wants!  After this past year, the book has come to mean even more to me than ever.

I’m a huge fan of Emily Giffin’s books.  They are ‘easy’ reads and wildly entertaining.  Heart of the Matter is probably my fave because it takes place in neighboring Wellesley, Mass and addresses some {dramatic} challenges of marriage, mommy hood, and the charmed life of suburbia.

Memoirs of a Geisha – a modern day classic.  This book took my breath away in more ways than one.


I binge-watched long before that was even a thing.

{perhaps why it takes me so darn long to get through a book. hmmm . . .}

Like Ms. Annie, I also live for Ray D & Odd Mom Out.  SO jelly belly she met Jill.  Thank Gawd she hasn’t met Ray or I don’t think I could still be friends with her.

TV shows I legit miss on a daily basis and will frequently revisit via this blog.

Mad Men.  Don, Betty, Peggy, Pete, Roger, Joan . . *sigh*  I care deeply for this cast of characters.


Did I mention BETTY!?


QUEEN. {I know Long is with me on this one, too}

Sex & The City

I miss brunch with the girls . . .


Carrie’s closet . . .


and the best love story evah, like no nobody’s business.

carrie-bigIt took me a really long time to get here, but I’m here. Carrie, you’re the one.

Mr. Big

Friday Night Lights

Can’t.  This might be a weekly feature.  Daily Riggins, anyone?


Right back at ya, Timmy.









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