Pop Princess Long

Nope.  We aren’t talking Britney & Rihanna. Well, maybe on the very rare occasion.

We are referring to anything pop culture that strikes our fancy.

To wet your appetite here are a few faves with MUCH more to come.


That’s like having to pick your favorite child (Dermot). Hmmm…maybe I can do this. Let’s do books I have read recently. I’m anal with my Goodreads account, so follow me there if you want more – Annie Long Sullivan.


The Fault in Our Stars – because all my kids read it before I did, and Dermot read all it in one sitting. I’m not sure there are enough tissues in the world for me to handle seeing the movie.

Me Before You – I was literally sobbing at the end.  Ellie kept asking me if I was OK.  I.  Was.  Not.

Carry on, Warrior – Glennon is a queen.  Go ahead and hate on her.  Just don’t do it here, please.

You are a Badass – I’m a self-help book junkie, and this is the best one I have ever read.  Jen Sincero is frank, funny and gives you the kick in the pants you need.  Badasses unite!

Boob Tube

Ray Donovan – I could love this show just for the Liev factor, but there is so much more.  Amazing story lines, dark and twisted at times, and funny at others.  For anyone who has spent time in both L.A. and MA, this show gets both right. Sarah may disagree with the authenticity of the Southie accents, but I can assure you that no one really wants to live in Calabasas.


Odd Mom Out – Full disclosure:  I’m a Jill Kargman superfan.  I’ve read every single one of Jill’s books (not just Momzillas).   Odd Mom Out is just as hilarious as her books are, and Jill is herself.  The show gives all of of us odd moms out our day in the sun,  whether we are on the Upper East Side of Manhattan or stuck in the ‘burbs. Iknew I was in the moment when Jill announces that she drank three glasses of red wine before breakfast in order to deal with her children.


This is Us – I didn’t want to like it, I really didn’t.  It seemed overdone, schmaltzy.  But, then I watched, and now I’m hooked.  I should have known, as Ken Olin is an Executive Producer and I have been loving on him since 1987’s Thirtysomething (Michael Steadman!)  It’s also nice to finally have a show I can watch with the kids.  That would NOT be Ray Donovan.



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