style me pretty

I tend to dwell and swoon over trappings for the home more than my counterpart, so expect to hear a bit more Loomis than Long here.  Fabric swatches, wallpaper, and paint chips, oh my!

Our former home was featured on style me pretty, which was such big fun.  The glorious White Loft Studio worked her magic behind the camera and is gearing up to shoot our new home soon.

So I’m a busy bee over here obsessing over design deets – I’ll be updating you along the way . . .

In the meantime, feel free to check out the old digs.  I miss our blue house but so happy to report a family with none other than twin daughters moved in, and kept a lot of the girliness the same, and continue to find and report back on the ‘treasures’ left behind by C & P.  Of course they made it their own, too, as they should.  It warms my heart that they love their home as much as we loved ours.

We moved there 6 months pregnant with twins.  We moved out with two kindergartners.  We celebrated wee ones’  birthdays and debaucherous halloween parties.  It was the last home my sister would ever visit my family.  It was where first steps were taken, first laughs were laughed.  I snuggled for dayzzzzz with my pups on the chaise. We saw the beginning of many fashion shows.  I sobbed on those stairs when my grandfather died. There were dance parties.  And tantrums.  There were fights with Horseface that turned into nights in the guest room. (There were many that did not.) There was caring for George’s post-op spinal surgery.  There was caring for Grandma when she broke her foot.  There was simply caring.  And trite as may be, there was love.  so much love.  and pink . . .lots of pink.

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